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Linux and Citrix

To start with, this is not an official statement from Citrix.  Rather, this is a collection of observations over the length of time at Citrix. First thing to note is that in the history of Citrix, the company had respect

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Microsoft Build Macros

I hit this same problem every time I start a Visual Studio project.  Well, not every time, but it is a common occurrence. When there are multiple projects involved, it is sometimes necessary to point to different directories.  It is

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Windows Disk Management

It can be frustrating when the right information is not available.  In Windows there are tools designed to help determining disk configuration but for whatever reason, they are fairly hidden.  Perhaps this is intentional to protect the system from the

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Virtual Hard Disk Specification

The Virtual Hard Disk Image Format Specification (VHD Spec) has been available from Microsoft since October 2006.  You can bypass registration and download straight from here. The document is only seventeen pages long but manages to capture how it is

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Irresistible Forces and Movable Objects

Pat Helland from Microsoft gave a presentation last year at TechEd in EMEA called “The Irresistable Forces Meet the Movable Objects“. I received a copy from Kala at work. Not long after reading it I wanted to find out more.

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Bill and Steve Meeting History

D5 video showing when Bill and Steve were together. Steve and Bill have only been seen together around 5 times. 1983 Apple Mac discussion with Dating Game spoof 1991 Fortune magazine interview 1997 MacWorld 2005 D3 2007 D5 The referenced

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Windows XP and June 30 2008

Based on a previous post about Microsoft, it was mentioned in a comment that Microsoft was going to discontinue selling Windows XP on June 30, 2008.  There was news before related to Microsoft postponing the end of sales date for

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (Friends or Foes?)

For the last few days I have been trying to put together a post revolving around a magazine I’ve kept since 1991. The article is called “The Future of the PC” in Fortune Magazine from August 26, 1991. The article

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What Keeps Microsoft Up Late?

I was researching an article recently and came across this gem.  The bit I was searching for was an old IBM/Apple partnership.  The outcome was unexpected. I asked Gates what trend or development had occurred in the technology sector in

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The Silent Death of U3

Over the last few days I’ve come to realize something that happened last May.  It is common to miss news and assume that things are a certain way when really they have changed.  For example, it would be almost impossible

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