One in Ten

Just last week, Citrix announced a cutback which would lead to 10% of the workforce being laid off. This resulted in approximately 500 to be forced to leave. Every section of the company was required to follow the 10% rule.

As a result, our Sydney Advanced Products group lost three people. Two of these people I know well. It is not going to be easy for anyone that has left.

There has not been much discussion about the layoff in the Citrix blogs. Perhaps the subject is a bit taboo.

The worst aspect was that was a gap between the announcement and when the names were released. In Sydney this lasted for about a day. There is one location that is still going based on local regulations.

In that one day in Sydney, everyone was concerned about losing their jobs. When you don’t know, that is when things become very difficult.

When the names were announced (more correctly the people were notified and the rest of us heard), it was bittersweet. We still had jobs but we lost important team members.

There is a sense of frustration about the situation but largely there is nothing to be done. This same story is playing out at many different companies now.


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