Dilbert and Citrix

Back in 1993, the Citrix Engineering team used to get amusement from Dilbert.  I remember posting clippings on the outside of my cubicle wall for others to read.  Later I linked my personal website (1994) to the official Dilbert site.  Many of us had come from IBM and fully understood Dilbert’s world.

Fast forward to 2010.  Citrix has now sponsored Dilbert to do work with marketing.  Already content has been created for the sake of Citrix.  The focus is letting employees use their own devices for work.

The web site contains a brief Dilbert video and content for allowing employees to use their existing devices with work.

It is clever to sign up Dilbert for the task.  Anyone IT can relate to the pointy haired boss and the mindless meetings.

It seems strange after all these years that this kind of alignment would happen.  It’s amazing how much things can change given nearly 20 years.


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    Acronym CITRIX=?

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