Citrix One of the Best Places to Work in Silicon Valley

I was looking around YouTube for Citrix related video and found an interesting TV show segment from BestPlacesToWork from KPIX in the Silicon Valley.  This video which is five minutes long, promotes Citrix as being an excellent place to work for within Silicon Valley.  Top executives are interviewed along with some employees as well.

Best Places To Work is television show on KPIX channel 5 educating the public about what makes Bay Area companies some of the Best Places To Work.

Watch more videos at

Watching the video instills a certain aspect of not matching reality.  Of course, the video could be seen as a promotional video with the intent to recruit.  The aspect I would disagree with is the startup mentality.  We are simply too big for that.

For those of you living in Silicon Valley, you are certainly invited to apply. 🙂


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2 comments on “Citrix One of the Best Places to Work in Silicon Valley
  1. fsm says:

    Mark Templeton: “this company is run for its employees and customers”. I thought it was run for its shareholders.

    And I agree, the “start-up mentality” is a conceit. We’d all like it to be true, but I’m afraid it isn’t.

  2. jeffreymuir says:

    Good point.

    My current concern is the company’s focus on cost cutting for the sake of the investors. Yes, it is good to spend wisely. However, trying not to spend when you need to is another matter. For example, money is not being spent wisely for engineering. Over the last few years, engineering has been underfunded. The biggest investments have come from acquiring other companies.

    Close to home, Advanced Products Sydney has not grown for many years even though we have produced several successful projects which lead to earning millions for the company. Somehow we never are seen as needing more people to do even bigger projects with more value. We are always just scrapping by. Key projects are done with just a handful of people.

    For example, PortICA was done with just six people. It is the cornerstone of XenDesktop to be able to remotely access XP (and Vista). Vista work was based on the XP work with an additional two engineers in Ft Lauderdale. It is fair to say that around 10 engineers worked on PortICA and not necessarily all at the same time.

    If PortICA had just a few more engineers, it would have been able to achieve even more. The most obvious exclusions that could have been included with more resource is Seamless windows and RAVE. It also would have accelerated our plans and it would have been done sooner.

    It gets a bit old after awhile. With all this money coming in we are acting like a startup with no cash. Obviously the money is being spent somewhere. But where?

    The prime candidate for lacking funding is XenApp. I believe it has been underfunded since around 2001 when Citrix thought it was going to enter the portal business. XenApp is always seen as old news but yet it is still our cash cow. Starving XenApp will only lead to loss of sales, especially to the more competitive market in VDI and Microsoft Windows 2008 TS.

    Nothing new here. Nothing new to see. Move on. 🙂

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