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AdProd’s Day in the Sun

Advanced Products is a group within Citrix which is responsible for researching and developing Citrix’s future products.  I’ve been working in AdProd since 1999 based out of the Sydney office.  Recently, Brian Madden visited Australia and stopped by the Sydney

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PXE Boot and Ardence

Part of how Ardence works is based on PXE Boot.  The PXE standard was created in 1999 by Intel and Systemsoft.  The intent was to standardize the interfaces and mechanisms to allow for different environments to be remotely booted.  The

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Two Port ICA

When a Citrix ICA client connects to a Citrix Presentation Server, it either uses TCP/IP port 2598 or port 1494. Port 2598 is used with session reliability and internally it uses SSL with the Citrix CGP protocol. The communication over

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Introducing XenApp

Citrix has officially announced the name change for what was called “Citrix Presentation Server”. The original NDA announcement came during Citrix Summit and it was quickly written about on the web. I’ve been avoiding the topic like the plague since

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XenCenter Walkthrough

DABCC was kind enough to publish a video that has a XenCenter Walkthrough . The video is around forty minutes long and covers the basics of doing Xen management with XenCenter. It would be useful for people that are curious

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Citrix XenDesktop at Demo08

A few months ago I reported about Myxer being at Demo07. This time around it is for Citrix and the new XenDesktop product. Since I have been working on a part of the XenDesktop project, I was glad to see

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Working From Home

Since 1999, I have been working from home.  This was a necessity since there is no nearby office for Citrix.  There was the option to move to Sydney but it just didn’t make sense for us. Working from home can

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