ending soon

sunset2Just to let you know, the domain registration for Citrix Blogger expires February 5, 2017. Since I no longer work at Citrix, it is time to drop the current domain name. Have not decided yet whether to create a new name to act as an archive for blog posts.

Will decide what to do before time runs out.


Live near Brisbane, Australia. Software developer currently focused on iOS and Android. Avid Google Local Guide

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2 comments on “ ending soon
  1. Nancy iacobucci says:

    Jeff, contact me at provided on this comment below, regarding the blog expiring. Thanks
    Nancy Iacobucci

    Anyone up for carrying on the legacy? Contact me. Hope everyone is well.

  2. Neozeed says:

    I just recently acquired a shrink wrapped copy of Citrix Multiuser 2.0 and I’m hoping to get it ‘online’ so to speak. It’s on 5 1/4″ diskettes and I’ve just ordered a drive that has been refurbished and ‘tested’. Is there any hope at finding updates for something so ancient? Or the lan connection software?

    I still hope to find WinView, as I’m interested in finding the only shipping Microsoft OS/2 2.0 based product.

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