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Virtual Hard Disk Specification

The Virtual Hard Disk Image Format Specification (VHD Spec) has been available from Microsoft since October 2006.  You can bypass registration and download straight from here. The document is only seventeen pages long but manages to capture how it is

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Hype Cycle and Virtualization

In 1995, Gartner invented the concept of the Hype Cycle chart. It depicts the life of a new technology and how people perceive it over time. Below is the first chart displayed by Gartner in 1995. The lessons to learn

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Beyond Hardware Virtualization

Just when technology matures, a new technology rises to challenge it. In this case we are seeing the dawn of application and desktop virtualization against the well established rule of full hardware virtualization. Before getting too deep into the detail

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Server Based Computing versus Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the things I did not see coming was the pending battle between Server Based Computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This first became obvious at BriForum 2008 with sessions titled such as “SBC vs VDI”. The resulting

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Hello world

I am a developer/researcher in Citrix Advanced Products group.  One of the things I would like to do is interact more with the community to learn what is currently going on.  Nothing else to report just yet.   I am interested

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