Myxer at Demo07

Myk Willis (ex-Citrix) recently gave a presentation at Demo07 for a new feature of the Myxer platform.

Very interesting demo although it would have probably been better to pick a nicer web site. Bill Madden (demo god) is the one driving the demo.

Also, it looks like the mVisible name has been dropped.  Myxer appears to be both the company and product name.  I didn’t see any official announcement of this but there was a hint from a post from Myk a few months ago.

Myxer also has a blog that you can check out.  It looks to be also used for distributing content from time to time.

The people at Myxer have posted a picture of the team.  They also have a sense of humor.

Myxer team

Four of these people I worked with in the early days of Citrix.  Three of those I worked with at IBM before that.  They sure have come a long way since then :).


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