ICA Client Object: ICA Simulation API

Today I had a question about using ICA Client Object with the Simulation API. It made me realize that it is not common knowledge that such a thing exists. I found a public copy of the API on a Citrix web site. At one point the documentation was restricted since it was only intended for licensed software developers.

The documentation is well written and is seen as an extension to the standard ICA Client Object reference.

Here is the welcome page:

The ICA Simulation API extends the ICA Client Object specification and provides scripting interfaces that enable MetaFrame Presentation Server Clients to operate in a non-user-interface or “headless” mode. Citrix recommends that you use this guide in conjunction with the ICO Client Object Programmer’s Guide which is available for download from the Citrix Developer Network (CDN).

Who Should Read this Book?

This guide is for Citrix server administrators, ISVs, and power users of the ICA Client who need to monitor and optimize load testing and performance management aspects of Citrix-based application environments. This guide assumes knowledge of:

  • MetaFrame Presentation Server for Windows with Feature Release 2 or later
  • ICA Client for 32-bit Windows, Version 8.x or later
  • Citrix ICA Client Object

Use this guide in conjunction with:

  • Citrix ICA Client Object Programmer’s Guide
  • MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator’s Guide
  • MetaFrame Presentation Server Client Administrator’s Guides

It is assumed that you have the ICA Client for 32-bit Windows (Version 8.x or later) installed and working on the client device, and are familiar with basic embedding and scripting tools and techniques.

It allows for simulating keystrokes and mouse actions as well as doing some screen interactions. You will get a much better idea if you read the documentation. This was developed several years ago but has always had some interest for those wishing to gain some control from the client to server. It is usually used for load testing but has also been used for normal testing as well.

Those of you looking for the original ICA Client Object documentation can find it here.


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