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When Citrix was Citrus

Citrix was not always called Citrix.  Originally it was called Citrus Systems.  This tale has been passed down for a number of years.  When I first started at Citrix in 1993, I remember seeing letterhead with the Citrus name.  Obviously

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Digital Independence

Citrix has had many different promotional phrases over the years. Around 2000, the most popular catch phrase was “Digital Independence”. The phrase was first introduced by Ed Iacobucci at iForum 1999. By itself, the concept does not mean much. However,

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Citrix VideoFrame 1.0

In 1999, Citrix released a product called VideoFrame. This new product was designed to make up for the audio and video shortcomings of server-based computing. In essence, it was an early audio/video streaming server. As good as it sounded, the

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Barry Dockswell (was at Citrix, now City Commissioner)

Barry Dockswell is one of the original Citrix employees who was hired in 1990.  During his eight years at Citrix, he made a major impact in the business development and culture of the company.  Just recently I have learned that

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User Experience by Brad Pedersen

Last year at the Citrix Solutions Conference in Europe, Brad Pedersen gave a presentation about “The User Experience“. If look at the slides, you will notice that the first several slides cover early Citrix product history. From experience, this kind

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Russ Naples Video About 64-bit Computing (2005)

There are a few Citrix videos available on the Internet.  I have not found that many yet but persistence usually pays off.  Just yesterday I found one via Veoh that featured Russ Naples.  I worked with Russ in the old

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