iForum 2007 – Mark Templeton Video Presentation

Mark Templeton

Digging around can pay off. I was looking for a way to get notified of Citrix press releases and hit an About Citrix link. Inside this link is a another link to a video message from Mark Templeton at iForum 2007. For better or worse I have expanded what you can do with the video link by taking away the restrictive EMBED tag that limited the size of the playback.

It requires Windows Media Player and is two hours long. It covers all the current thinking of Citrix, including the acquisition of XenSource announcement. It also covers some of the history of Citrix inventions. The core idea is the shift towards application delivery.

View it as a state of Citrix report. It includes a section about Microsoft and how Citrix and Microsoft are continuing to be close partners.

It is worth watching to catch up. The message of the value of application delivery is becoming more mainstream.


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  1. […] The next interesting video comes from iForum 2007 in Las Vegas.  I have already mentioned the video from the first day with Mark Templeton.  The second day video fills in a few gaps in what was explained the first day.  The introduction […]

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