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It is difficult to find decent concentrated information sometimes.  Usually bits are found but no collection.  Even though the “Citrix Video Tips” at uTIPu is not as extensive as it could be, it has the beginnings of a very interesting collection.  Perhaps the most interesting ones for me is related to XenDesktop tips.

Here’s a screen capture as of October 20, 2008 of the XenDesktop items:

This site has been used extensively by Citrix bloggers.  However, I do not think that to Citrix bloggers only.  For example, AppSense has an item listed here.

Click on the different topics to home in on the areas that you are most interested in.


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  1. John Yin says:


    You are absolutely correct that it is important for any company to build a collection of useful information about its products and services. Citrix has the vision to start building such a collection and the courage to open it to employees, customers and partners. That is right, any customer and partner can contribute to the collection. This is a perfect way to engage customers and partners in an ongoing, constructive conversation about one’s products and services.

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

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