Brian sees Alice in the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland

Brian Madden takes a peek at Project Alice based out of AdProd Sydney.  Alice promises to integrate remote desktops with local applications in a similar way that remote applications currently integrate with local desktops.  It is also known as reverse seamless.

Brian had a look when visiting Sydney a few weeks ago.  It was unclear at the time if Alice was considered open for discussion.  Since then some form of agreement must have been formed.

As most people know, server based computing has weaknesses when it comes to certain kinds of applications.  Typically these apps are more intense with their demands.  Historically fast drawing programs or programs with extensive use of audio or video files have not run well on the server.  Alice is proposing that apps should be run where they are best suited and bring them together on one desktop which happens to be remote.

Brian does a really good summarizing this in his post so I will refer you to him.


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