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I’ve been meaning to do this for some time but not sure what was the best way. And then the idea appeared. Why not collect all the posts I liked the most in one place. Why not add a page that could always be accessed from the tabs at the top of the posts (like About).

The idea has become real. You can either click on “My Favourites” or you can click Hopefully this will give new interest to older posts and also collect the best content in one place.

Some posts, when left alone for long enough, seem much different when I re-read them. In some cases I wonder what I was thinking. In other cases I can’t believe I figured out how to explain it that way. It’s a roller coaster ride as usual.

I’d like to hear back from the community to fine tune this list. I don’t expect feedback but I do promise to adjust the list based on what I hear back from you. The intent is to give the most concentrated source of information.

I’ve just realized that it would be wise to mark these as a category. I’m creating the “Favourite” category to track these posts and make it easy to find.

PS I’ve adopted the English UK spelling for words from time to time. I’m a bit inconsistent usually based on which spell checker I have installed.


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