Basic Citrix Troubleshooting

About two months ago I received an email internally that announced a new Troubleshooting Guide . I didn’t pay much mind to this since I don’t actively support customer sites. Today I decided to look it over. It’s better than expected.

I would recommend this guide to customers that are new to reporting issues to Citrix. In a way, it is like the crib notes on what kind of problems can happen and what to do about it. From my perspective, it is the best way to get from point A (problem) to point B (solution) for Citrix products.

If you have ever wondered about where to start dealing with some annoying problem, this guide will actually help. Like the document title reveals however, it is not a complete solution. Sometimes just getting the basics right can make a big difference.

Give the guide a chance. Whoever worked on it put in much effort to make it clear and effective.


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One comment on “Basic Citrix Troubleshooting
  1. Rajendra says:

    I totally agree, lots of credits for the team that created this document.

    I’ve been using it since 2005, when it was published. This document is so usefull in making administrators understand how to address unwanted or unexpected behaviour in their Citrix solutions deployments. You can find any related information by quickly following the troubleshoot walk-throughs by product. Even for unskilled helpdesk employees this is a really good document, while it will help them to ask the right questions and register the right information with support call handling.

    This one document is on my top ten list of best documents. All you need to know to support a Citrix deployment can be found here.

    Cheers, Rajendra

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