Ed Iacobucci Audio Interview About DayJet

David Robinson in Sydney recently alerted me to an interview with Ed Iacobucci about his company DayJet.  Within the last month, DayJet has launched service within Florida.  Ed is the founder of Citrix and left Citrix in 2000 to start what ultimately became DayJet.

The premise of DayJet is to fly customers directly to their destinations based on their own schedules.  It has sometimes been compared to the concept of an air taxi.  It is a greatly ambitious project and has already going for several years.  The commitment is huge and the cost of the plan is amazing.

Luckily for DayJet, Ed is leading an excellent team of very smart people driven to bring something to life that is very new.  Given Ed’s track record at Citrix, he is ahead of the curve and most likely will succeed.

It was good to hear Ed’s voice again and it reminds me of the early days of Citrix when we were first trying out our wings with our new software.

Ed Iacobucci’s interview is about an hour long and even includes some references to Citrix and when he first left.  For example, he reveals he retired after leaving Citrix but it only lasted for two months.  As you can tell, he is not the kind of person that likes to retire.


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  1. CitrixFan says:

    God Bless Ed I. I only wish Mark T and gang understood he did not create Citrix but Ed did. Without Ed and his vision Mark would be a two bit marketing guy and the rest of us would be supporting LANDesk or some lame technology like that. Ed is GOD!

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