The Freezing of Citrite.Org (For Now)

The surprising news of the day is that has been locked down.  All existing posts have been taken offline and any future submissions have been disabled.  In its place is a statement from Sam Johnston (owner of Citrite.Org).  In the statement, Sam explains why he decided to turn the web site off for now.  Even though it looked like Citrite.Org was having trouble, I honestly did not expect it to be shutdown.

It is a very heartfelt testimonial to the experiences of running a platform on the web.  Sam put heaps of work into his site and I appreciated his effort.  I signed up to blog on his site in September 2006 and found an excellent place to express whatever came to mind.  It was my first blogging experience and I will always have good memories from the time I was there.

It was disappointing to hear the troubles that Sam had with certain individuals that were named at the end of the document.  I had no idea it had been that bad for him.  I guess trouble can come from widespread exposure.

Sam, if you are reading this, I just wanted to say Thanks!  Your Citrite.Org was really the catalyst for me and others within Citrix to explore writing to the web.  It has been a very education and interesting experience.

Some of your enthusiasm has spread and I admit that your perseverance was really what got all this started.

I would bet that you bring Citrite.Org back to life at a later date when you have more time to work on it.



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2 comments on “The Freezing of Citrite.Org (For Now)
  1. JohnD says:

    SamJ had and still does have a huge amount of talents but sometimes genius brings paranoia along too. His troubles with management was mostly bought on upon himself. In this issue at least its not a simple as black and white.

  2. Sam J says:

    Thanks Jeff for your kind words and ‘JohnD’ for your remarkable (if unqualified) insight. Actually the ‘shutdown’ was more for security – some of the (heavily modified) underlying components had vulnerabilities which would have required backporting of fixes. When and if reappears it will almost certainly be fully based on SaaS (like


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