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By accident I recently rediscovered a Citrix web site that is dedicated to showing how applications can perform over the Internet. This is a long standing project that was first started in 1996 with our first Internet client for WinFrame.

The site looks to be setup related to Presentation Server 4.0 and shows off running Microsoft Office 2003. Obviously it is a bit dated by this point but it doesn’t really matter if you need to see how it works over the Internet for yourself.

Your Test Drive

The location is . Pick the link that says that you want to test drive Office. It is a good demo of what might be possible with application services using Citrix technology. Largely this model has not caught on. The preferred model is still based on using VPN and private application resources. However, certain environments have moved to using applications this way.

I was surprised to see it still operational based on the lack of updates. I didn’t have any trouble with it even though I was using FireFox at the time. Resellers could still use this site as a basis of demos to new customers. Customers could try it for themselves as well.


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