iForum 2007 Video: Wes Wasson (Day 2 – General Session)

Just when I thought there were not many Citrix videos around, I was proven wrong this week by discovering at least ten relevant clips.  The next interesting video comes from iForum 2007 in Las Vegas.  I have already mentioned the video from the first day with Mark Templeton.  The second day video fills in a few gaps in what was explained the first day.  The introduction shows Wes in Second Life with work done in “Citrix Labs” to explore advanced technology.

Wes Wasson on Second Life

The presentation is 96 minutes long and requires Windows Media Player.  It includes demos of XenDesktop and XenServer.   At the point of time this video was produced, the XenSource acquisition was still very new.  The leaders of Xen Source appear on stage to explain the Xen philosophy and why it is a good match with Citrix.

This series of explanations is very bold for Citrix and it reaffirms Citrix’s commitment to providing end-to-end virtualization solutions.

From what I know, there is no such thing as Citrix Labs and the work actually came out of Citrix Advanced Products in the UK.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


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