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Do you secretly wish you could control other people’s computers? Wouldn’t you like to be able to solve their problems without having to tell them what right clicking means? Would you like to be able to do this across the world without costing anything? Today is your lucky day.

Internally an email was sent to all employees to encourage the use of GotoAssist Express. It has entered public beta and Citrix Online are keen to invite people to try it out.

Here’s the letter that Brett has included to share with you:

Hi, I’d like to invite you to beta test my company’s latest product, Citrix GoToAssist Express. We are looking for people like you to give us some feedback and I thought you might be interested in experiencing this new remote-support tool.

What Is GoToAssist Express?
GoToAssist Express is a Web-based remote-support tool that enables you to instantly view and control someone else’s computer remotely in real time. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you can use it from any Internet-connected computer with no pre-installation – you don’t even have to pre-install it on your customer’s or friend’s machine. 😉
Beta testers like you will have free, unlimited use of the product in exchange for reporting bugs, making feature requests and providing product feedback.
How to Sign Up

Simply register at:

Initial Beta Features

· One-way Screen Sharing >> You can see your client’s PC or Mac in real time.
· Shared Keyboard and Mouse Control >> Remote control just like you were sitting at your client’s computer.
· Multiple Simultaneous Sessions >> Great for multi-tasking!
· Remote Diagnostics >> Saves time with instant system info.
· File Transfer >> Send that patch right over.
· Chat >> Why tie up the phone when you can chat online?
· Unattended Support >> Work on client computers any time – after hours, on weekends, etc.
· Reboot/Reconnect, plus Reboot/Reconnect in safe mode >> No need to re-initiate a support session.
· Reports >> How many people did you help today?
· Drawing Tools >> Maybe you’re no Michelangelo, but you can easily circle something on your client’s screen.
· Ability to Support Both PC and Mac Users (limited) >> Because even Mac users need help sometimes!

Key Benefits for Users

· Increase customer satisfaction by providing immediate support
· Reduce time and money spent on traveling to and from customer offices
· Accomplish more each day by using productivity-enhancing features
· Provide service even when your customers are away from their computers
· Easy setup and fast connection speeds allows to you focus on getting the job done
I hope you will be able to join the beta. Again, here is where you can sign up:

Thank you.

Now that you have no excuse for taking over the world, why not take advantage of this excellent offer. Keep in mind that your first step to world domination is finding a way to have your parents not ask you what a CTRL-ALT-DEL is and what the heck a reboot does. Sometimes it is just better to do it yourself. Good luck.


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