Trouble at DayJet


I’ve been following DayJet for many years now. My main interest is seeing how Ed Iacobucci does with his new company. Recently there was some sad news. DayJet was unable to acquire a new round of financing.

This means that plans will need to be scaled back and people are being laid off. It also makes it very difficult to move the business forward based on the fact that DayJet needs to grow to reach profitability.

It reminds me of the crisis at Citrix in 1992/1993 related to a lack of funding and not enough revenue. I just hope that Ed and his team can pull this one from the fire again. Perhaps this crisis will be the catalyst for success.

It is hard when your dreams falter. It is a real test. It all depends how much you want it and how much you are willing to change to reach them.


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