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This was the year of the iPad. For there to be so much success in such a short time indicates that critical mass has been reached. Even though the tablet form factor has been around since the early 90’s, it was not until Apple delivered the iPad that the market really kicked off.

The rate of change seems to be accelerating. With the iPad 2 coming soon, it is clear that Apple will pursue this path for deeper market adoption.

This is the first post that I am writing from an iPad. This would be difficult to do without the bluetooth keyboard. This is acceptable for a user experience. There are some quirks here and there but it is still good.

This is being done in the lounge room (living room) for the first time. I could have done this with a laptop awhile back but perhaps it was not quite as interesting. There is something more appealing about having it run in this way.

This is through Safari with WordPress web site. Okay, it is probably not that interesting to most. It’s something to write about.

So, how does this apply to Citrix?

Well, obviously Citrix wants to support iPad as best as possible. This is being carried out with the Citrix Receiver for iPad. The concept of connecting to XenApp or XenDesktop with Receiver is well known. Citrix is also releasing GoToMeeting on the iPad which is a great match.

There are some problems remaining however. It can be difficult to interact with Windows programs using an iPad. This is due to the applications being based on a mouse. It is also due to controls being too small for a touch interface.

In general, it can be a stretch to use Windows applications on iPad. Unless the user learns some tricks, it is going to present a problem.

A new paradigm is arriving. Instead of always trying to work with existing programs, Citrix is proposing a model based on knowing about the environment and making changes for it. This has been demonstrated by Project GoldenGate. The potential is large. This will be the first time that Citrix will ask developers to build custom solutions for XenApp.

Going back in time to 1995, Citrix considered encouraging custom development. Unfortunately, we did not have enough market to justify that kind of special development. Fast forward to 2011 and we have a large market share. In the next couple of years, the financials could hit 2 billion dollars. Obviously things have changed from our approximate earnings of 10 million in 1995.

And, of course, the customer base is much larger now as well. The time is right for custom applications.

The point is that the new mobile devices challenge typical Windows ways of thinking. The only way we can flow through new mobile features is to inject a new interface. Windows simply does not support the diversity of devices out there in the mobile space.

Citrix Labs is investigating how to best support developers in this new space. Opinions in this area will always be considered. More details to come in the coming months.


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  1. Ron Kuper says:

    Project GlodenGate is some really exciting piece!!
    Is there sort of a name for that future XenApp development environment?

    Keep up the good work!

    Ron Kuper

  2. Almost like “WAP” enabling a website, you’ll be doing the same, but for applications running in a mobile remote environment.. Is that what I’m reading? If so, BRAVO! 🙂

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