Original Citrix Team

I have a picture here of the original team:


Of this picture, only Brad Pedersen is still with Citrix.  This picture was taken February 1990.  It was taken the day that Citrix moved to 210 University (upside-down building).

By 1993 quite a few of this team was still around so I did to work with quite a few of them.

I believe the team is standing in front of the first Coral Springs office.  Only four of these people were not developers. Ed Iacobucci is standing in the back row second from the right.  He’s the one with a beard and glasses.

Randy Wood is in the front right.  Glen Hamblin is in the front left.

2nd Row from left side: Ina Blum, Andy Stergiades, Mike Discavage, Scott Kinnear, Joel Smith, Greg Gruse, Mike Hynes, Rich Andresen, Chris Lehman

Back Row: Brad Pedersen, Ann Mizel, Kurt Perry, Ed Janeczek, Ed Iacobucci, Jeff Krantz

I’m doing this strictly from memory and I’m sure I’ve mispelled some names.  If you know for sure the correct spellings of anyone here, please let me know.  Some of these people I have not seen for 10 years.

I have a goal to try to better describe some of these people in later posts.

Thanks to Brad Pedersen for his corrections and color picture of the team that he sent to me.


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