Original Employee List

Brad sent me a copy of the original employee list with ID numbers. I thought it would be good to share it here. This was the list of employees as of November 5th, 1990.

Original Employee List (with numbers)

Username ID Name Started Dept/Title
EdI 001 Ed Iacobucci April 1989 Founder
RandyW 002 Randy Wood April 1989 Founder
Glen H 003 Glen Hamblin 1989 VP Engineering
ScottK 004 Scott Kinnear 1989 Engineering
AndyS 005 Andy Stergiades 1989 Engineering
GregG 006 Greg Gruse 1989 Engineering
AnnR 007 Ann Mizel 1989 Engineering
JeffK 008 Jeff Krantz 1989 Engineering
InaB 009 Ina Blum 1989 Office Manager
ChrisL 010 Chris Lehman 1989 Engineering
RichA 011 Rich Andresen 1989 Engineering
MikeH 012 Mike Hynes 1989 Engineering
JoelS 013 Joel Smith 1989 Engineering
BradP 014 Brad Pedersen 1989 Engineering
EdJ 015 Ed Janeczek 1989 Engineering
KurtP 016 Kurt Perry Jan 1990 Engineering
MikeD 017 Mike Discavage 1990 Engineering
BenA 018 Ben Allen 1990 Marketing
BobW 019 Bob Williams 1990 System Enginnering
MikeS 020 Mike Stone 1990 VP Marketing
MarkB 021 Mark Blackledge 1990 Engineering
GeorgeV 022 George Vanderhoof 1990 System Engineering
WendyB 023 Wendy Bernath 1990 Marketing
BarryD 024 Barry Dockswell 1990 Business Development
AlC 025 Al Chechetka (?) 1990 Engineering Test
RogerR 026 Roger Roberts June 1990 CEO
AlL 027 Al Larson 1990 Finance
RonH 028 Ron Harris 1990 Marketing
LynnB 029 Lynn Bishop 1990 Director of Sales

Thanks to Mark Blackledge for helping me fill in some missing names.


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5 comments on “Original Employee List
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  2. Mark Blackledge says:

    Hey Jeff! I enjoy your blog.

    Here are some of the names:
    Wendy Bernath
    Lynn Bishop (I think he was the first head of sales)
    Ben Allen (original sales guy, I think)
    I have no clue how to spell AlC’s last name.
    I’m pretty sure Mike spells his name Hynes. At least, that’s how I have it in Outlook.

    Also, I think George may have a problem with the ordering of employee IDs 🙂

  3. Gallopingglyph says:

    Mike Stone was the first Citrix Vice President of Marketing. (If he only knew then how many would follow in his footsteps 😉

    Ben Allen worked for Mike in Marketing and Lynn Bishop was Director of Sales.

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