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It is a right of Citrix employees to collect Citrix shirts. In the beginning, it is interesting. Then, it starts to become a bit much. I suppose that most technology companies see shirts as an easy way to spread their message. It’s kind of like wearing a portable banner around.

The shirts are often given out at major events involving customers and resellers. Citrix iForum is an example of this. Usually, but not always, the employees will be given one shirt per day spent at the event. That adds up to quite a few shirts.

I’ve collected quite a few over my eleven years of time with Citrix. I would estimate that I have upwards of 30 that I have received. I haven’t kept all of them, but I still have quite a number.

I had this idea that I would take pictures of these remaining shirts and share them with you. Well, I’ve done that, and it isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. In fact, I would classify this whole subject as fairly boring.

However, it is history and a sample of various slogans and symbols related to Citrix. I suppose someone would find this interesting eventually.

My favorite shirt was for the second annual Citrix picnic. It showed an ant carrying the Citrix symbol and it was just for fun. Lisa and Michelle produced the shirt from Marketing and gave it out at our picnic. I would guess the picnic happened either in 1994 or 1995. Unfortunately, I could not find it and share it with you.

Citrix Shirts



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