Pyramid of Needs

Most people have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  The idea is that you can only focus on those things which depend on the things below having already been satisfied.  In other words, if you are missing key needs from the bottom of the pyramid, there is little chance for advancement to the next level of needs. 

As interesting as this is, it is even more interesting to mix the idea with something else.  In this case, Hugh Tonks has taken the time to investigate mixing Maslow’s needs with how organizations are run.  It is very interesting reading and I would suggest taking some time to understand.  The concept has relevance to any company that wants to reach the next level of success.

Since Hugh is not usually listed as part of the Citrix community blog, I wanted to give his posts a chance to be seen by those that are only checking the listed elements from Citrix.



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