Citrix Engineering Photo 1994

This is Citrix Engineering as of 1994. Ed and Roger got in the picture for some reason. Must be good to hang out with the engineers. šŸ™‚

Unlike the fifth anniversary photo, I can actually identify everyone in the picture.

1st Row (L to R) – Charlene Cummins, Brad Pedersen, Rich Andresen, Kurt Perry, Scott Kinnear, Ed Janeczek, Andy Stergiades, Jeff Krantz

2nd Row (L to R) – Thanh Luu, Ed Iacobucci (Founder), John Richardson, Terry Treder, Ken Beal, Mike Discavage, Bill Tessaro, Jeff Muir, Roger Roberts (CEO)

Of these people, only Brad, Thanh, Terry, and I currently work at Citrix.

Charlene, Kurt, and Scott work at mVisible.

Ed Iacobucci and Ed Janeczek work at DayJet.

John Richardson works at Microsoft.

The rest I don’t know for sure.

At the time, John, Brad, and Mike would have been working on making NT multiuser. Between 1993 and 1995 it was their sole task to worry about building WinFrame. The rest of us were focused on keeping WinView going.

I don’t think anyone suspected that we would turn out to be such a big successful company.

Here’s to memories!


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7 comments on “Citrix Engineering Photo 1994
  1. Shawn Bass says:


    Thanks for sharing the history here. I’ve been working with Citrix products since the WinView days so it’s always cool to see stuff like this. BTW, if you want to reduce the chances that your email would be harvested, you really should you word replacement, etc. within your email address such as emailname [at) domain {dot) com or some variation like that. The way that you’ve specified it is easily nabbed with a regular expression. The one I’ve shown above is still possible with a RegEx, but is much less likely to be discovered by a common parser.



  2. jeffreymuir says:

    Thanks for the tips Shawn.
    I see from your web site that you are a very active Citrix advocate.
    Do you mind if I add your site to my blogroll?


  3. Shawn Bass says:


    Not at all. Feel free to add my site to your blogroll. There isn’t much content up there right now, but I’m working on that.



  4. jeffreymuir says:

    Your site has been added to the blogroll. Thanks again.

  5. dave holtzworth says:

    I’m an old high school friend of Terry Treder just looking to get in touch with him. Thanks!!!

  6. jeffreymuir says:

    I forwarded your comment with email address to Terry Treder. You’ll probably hear from him soon.


  7. TonyM says:

    Haven’t dropped back for a while – man – that pic brings back memories. I think I started not too long after that pic.

    And yes, WinFrame was the push – Geo and I were basically the lest QA left on WinView, not like we had a bunch to begin with. Let’s see – the was Seng, Tom, Geo, Myself, Russ heading the group. I think that was it, for the WV days – later Russ got Robert in.

    Drop me a note when ya get a free chance!

    ps – hey, you remember either 94/95 when the hurricane was coming, and we all took servers home? What a GAS! Imagine what Sarbanes-Oxeley would think of THAT nowadays!

    Jeff, you REALLY need to post a picture of that freaking upside-down pyramid building. I wonder how many people actually realize how scary-looking that thing was? At least knowing that you were working up there!


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