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What the Bleep Movie

Last year I was referred to a movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know“. Based on the title, I was not sure what kind of movie it was going to be. Earlier this year I bought a copy from eBay since it is difficult to find in the stores. One thing I noticed from eBay is that since it is fairly rare and also in demand, it is hard to win the bids.

This is the kind of film that challenges your thinking. It dives into the most basic philosophical questions and tries to answer aspects of these questions through modern science. A basic revelation of the film is that we really do not understand as much as we think we do and that there are new models evolving out of the old which might better explain reality. If you like deeper philosophical topics, this film is for you. Even if you just want to better understand the implications of quantum physics on our perceptions, it is worthwhile.

!WARNING! Much philosophical discussion below. Please skip the rest if not interested. Rent the film if you can find it. I’ve warned you! Okay, let’s continue.

The clearest revelation for me is that the mind is the hub of reality. It is easy to disassociate things based on current thinking but the evidence from experiments declares that it is impossible to isolate the observer from the observed. The observer has a direct link to the results of experiments that might otherwise be considered variable or undetermined.

The observer happens to be also the creator. It is easy to believe that an observer would not create. However, we all know about dreams. Who created the dream? The observer!

A dreamer believes in the dream but not in the belief that the dream is based on the dreamer. It is only when we wake up that we realize what we created. I suspect the same is true for life. It is only when when we die that we understand what life really is. It is possible to realize before death what life is but it takes a great deal of control to realize this potential.

What if life was like a collective dream? What if the observer watches this dream not realizing that it is being created also by the observer? What would that do? What twists in the dream would exist? Most likely the observer would take the dream very seriously and tend to focus on the more extreme variants of potential reality. It certainly would make for more interesting viewing. I suspect the core misunderstanding of the observer is that it lives through its dreams and is all that it sees. In this way, we are indeed of the creator. We are inside the dream with the observer effectively being asleep and unaware of its potential of reality. The observer and the dreamed are one.

Now before you take this too seriously, let me mention that I am a computer researcher (by title) and not an expert in such topics as philosophy or quantum physics. This is just one of many theories that I have about reality.

The dreamer idea is just something I have been refining over the years. It certainly is not perfect. It is just an unproven and unprovable idea. I must admit that I am still attracted to it because it explains so much.

How could we be considered as one? Easy, we are the creator. The progression of time and space is nothing but the expansion of a dream inside a dreamer. How can we do what we are meant to do? Look to the core creator inside. The creator is largely asleep but yet lives through us. It understands what it sees and it does learn but it does not believe that it is anything more than an observer in a dream. It does not like to be reminded of its creator state.

As this post moves on I’m getting some negative feelings about sharing this kind of information. If you really want to explore some of concepts I’d suggest renting the film (if you can find it). It certainly is more controversial than what I am saying right here.

So much trouble has been caused by the division between mankind and the rest of the universe. This flows from the whole idea of forming fixed relationships between different things. In the case of development, it often means the suppression of nature. In the case of religion, it means a separation between creator and created. In reality, it means the division between potential realities. The harder the mind is focused on dividing reality into what it wants, the more unlikely the appropriate reality will be chosen. The point is that a divided mind is always weaker than the collective mind. A collective mind is closer to the observer and better knows what will come to pass. This makes sense as to how a collective reality could be driven by a collective mind. Another thought is that groups of people will try to build artificial collective minds to help achieve collective reality. This is done through education in group communication and obviously books.

Collective minds are naturally more productive when formed based on accepting reality for what it is and participating at both an individual and collaborative way at the same time.

This can be easily achieved by admitting that we do not always know the answers. If you are constantly in doubt about what is coming next and do not expect the outcome, the true natural result will emerge from the collective mind (that knows so much more than each one of us knows). I would call this the “Forrest Gump effect”. Amazing things can happen when we let them come out. The toughest thing for the ego to do is let go. It wants so desperately to control what it cannot possibly control. The truth is that you are only meant to what you are meant to do.  Chances are very high that the ego will not know what is best or even what it is meant to do. You have to look deeper for that. It’s that oldest part of you that has always known what is right for you. The ego can easily silence this part of you with noise but it can never hide from what you truly are.

I could spend many more words trying to convince you of your own truths. However, it is simply impossible for me or anyone else to tell you who you are. That is something you need to uncover for yourself. As any other person could do, I can only point a way.

Everything I have just said could be wrong. The real question is does it really matter? Do we always need to feel the pressure to know? Can’t we just enjoy life for what it is? When will we ever be happy with where we are? If we put our lives on hold for some outside event to happen, we will be forever waiting. That for which we wait for becomes unlikely because we honestly believe that we do not already have what we need and therefore do not deserve any more. Need pushes away the action of getting. Getting does not stop the need for more.

As I sit here late at night in Australia, I wonder how many people are really living the lives they are meant to live. Lives without constant unhappiness and want. Lives that are always unfulfilled. If you wait for the perfect life as defined by the desires of the ego, you will never live. That is why death is so scary. If you never live then it means that you are always waiting. If you are waiting when you die then you will regret waiting your whole life for something that never came. No wonder death is so terrible for the ego. It does not understand that no matter what it does death will always come. To the accepting soul, death is nothing but another event in the progression of life. It does not know, but in the act of admitting not knowing, it does know. No one alive knows what happens when we die. At least they cannot prove it. The bottom line is that if you live your life the way you are meant to, it will not matter. You have done your part and fulfilled your role and you have exited the stage. Let the crowds roar to your tribute of your life on Earth. Your performance was impeccable and you performed on stage so beautiful that it really moved Heaven and Earth.

Learn your role. Play the part. Enjoy your life.

Lines from Macbeth – Shakespeare


The queen, my lord, is dead.


She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

The ego dies a fool’s death. It is a story told by an idiot that ultimately signifies nothing. It’s a twist on words but it illustrates the depth of what life can be versus the passion of the ego with Macbeth.

The ego cannot help but be unaware of the bigger picture. By definition it primarily cares about itself.

I admit that my ego is still strong. Perhaps if it was less strong I would not blog.

What I do like is sharing these things in an open way with relatively low risk. It would probably be a positive to get negative feedback anyways. At least someone is paying attention.

Rent it and have an open mind. That’s all it takes.


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4 comments on “What the Bleep Do We Know
  1. jeffreymuir says:

    I’ve done some more research on this film in the hopes of getting a better perspective of what people thought about it. I remember hearing about a large negative reaction based on the weakness of matching with current scientific research. Based on other blogs, there are aspects of this movie that are downright misleading.

    It makes me wonder why they hate it so much. Well, obviously not everyone likes the same movies. Some people like their facts set in stone. Others want proof, proof, and more proof. And finally there are people that are so closed to outside views that they will do anything to discredit them.

    The point is that the movie could be completely wrong about everything. However, if it makes you think about things differently than before, you have learned something. I’m not saying that you have to believe any of what you hear. Just think for yourself.

    Much of what I wrote was from a personal perspective and based on my own experiences. This movie partially resonated with my own observations. No film could ever match completely unless I wrote it myself.

    The underlying theme of the attacks on this film are based on the view that the scientists are not really credited scientists. The attacks also are based on discrediting the film based on links to New Age groups. I say so what.

    Perhaps it would be better not to treat things so seriously and just consider it mind fodder. It is not meant to force you to change anything. Just sit back and relax. If you hate it, you hate it. Nothing wrong with that.

    The world is full of conflicting views. There is a centuries old battle between science and religion. Overall, science has won. However, science has never forgotten. Religion has not forgotten either. There are a collection of people out there that are trying to bridge the gap between the waring sides. I would conclude that neither side wants to associate with this kind of bridge.

    The truth is that being a human includes many aspects of life and of living. To say that you only believe in one way is not only dangerous but also foolish. Your life is not defined by your beliefs but rather by your actions. If you cannot see any merit of the other side than obviously you are missing something.

    A scientist that goes searching for the truth with science alone will only find more questions.

    A spiritual person that only seeks spiritual things will not see the reality of life.

    One formless and one formed. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? Is it really a question to ask at all?

    The only decent answer to these questions is that we are all needed. We all have a purpose. We all want to live and let live (or at least we should).

    I’ve said all this in the hopes that it might quell a potential negative response from anyone bent on science to the point of hating anything spiritual. All I have to say is get a grip on yourself. What are you really fighting? What are you really afraid of? Are you afraid of being wrong?

  2. Yonderbox says:

    I saw Bleep at a movie theater with my wife and son.

    I loved it.

    I have a somewhat philosphical bent, and have looked at similar content for a while. I really embraced Robert Anton Wilson’s viewpoint, and tend to look at life and the world with a skeptical and humorous POV. Quantum Mechanics and and “new physics” gives us an opportunity to escape from the worldview of a static machine world that god set into motion years ago. I find it tremendously freeing to think that the world is open-ended and doesn’t have a finite beginning and end, height and width.

    I didn’t buy everything the movie was selling, but found it very stimulating and truthful at the core.

    What I don’t like is some of the crowd that it attracts. I draw a distinction between people with strange ideas (strange is OK, different is OK) and people just being nutjobs for the attention of it. Life’s too short to spend with a joker with bad teeth, bad acid and a few hours to burn.
    C’mon, people, think. This isn’t about multiple orgasms and peyote. This isn’t about filling your fantasies or percieved needs. It’s about reality, and a shot at real happiness.

    Sorry for that last vent. I guess whatever works for anybody is fine.

    Jeff, your blog is great. Kinda shows that researchers are people, too.
    Thank you.

  3. jeffreymuir says:

    I think you have hit on something important.

    There are some really strange people out there that take fairly simple concepts and then take them way too far.

    I would classify these as experimenters. They like to experiment with things that they thought of in the hopes that it gains them something. The most obvious flaw with wanting stuff in a new age framework is that you are still being largely driven by your individual desires instead of really changing your focus. You just want different stuff.

    The overall point is that you already have too much and wanting more just makes it worse. I think we all suffer from this. The stuff just gets to clogging our whole existence . That does not mean that you have to drop everything either. Certain cults love that angle.

    When you understand yourself and the fact that you do not have to constantly want something in the future, the healthier your life will be. It is a variation of living in the moment and is highly personal.

    Take your own word. Think for yourself. Find your own way. The scariest thing to realize that taking your own path is what you really are meant to do. It is both the easiest and the hardest thing to do. It is hard since no one else has taken that path. It is easy because once you are on it and understand your purpose for that moment, the path unrolls on its own.

    Thanks for the feedback Yonderbox. I’m glad you took the time to share your perspective. Your point is well taken and even agreed with.

  4. jasonhenle says:

    I bought the Quantum Edition of What the Bleep do we know. Thinking positively can encourage a healthy lifestyle. However, quantum physics does not work that way at all. Quantum weirdness only exists on the microscopic level, when you zoom out the macroscopic world, any weirdness dissipates. Any positive things that happen to you, are not magical. Also, thinking positively is an extremely dangerous substitution for medicine.

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