One String, One Path

Scientists say that many different realities exist. It is impossible to prove this however. If one path is chosen, how is it known another path concurrently exists? How can a length of string know about other strings?

Only from a view above many strings could one string see. This, of course, does not make sense. One string is just one string and could only imagine that other strings exist.

So such is our reality. It is one of many possible paths (strings) but we are still only one path.

The suspicious field of Quantum Physics shows the process of selection. With this process things are picked and paths made real.

Keep in mind that this was written late at night with the mindset of writing something interesting in a short period of time. Perhaps it was not the right path to take 🙂

In a way, computer programs are a bit like strings through binary decisions. A processor cannot be in two places at once and can only experience the same or different paths in different times. Quantum computers will operate quite a bit different from what I have heard. The goal for a quantum computer is to exercise all possible paths at once with the deciding factor determining the most likely outcome. Quite a bit different from the logic we are used to.  Incredibly powerful and yet also incredibly confusing.

I’ve heard that one of the most obvious application of quantum computers is cracking cyphers.  I also suspect that such a beast exists today (behind closed doors) and is being used to crack the highest level encryption schemes.  Potentially that would explain for the sudden relaxation of export rights for 128-bit encryption.

Something to think about anyhow.


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2 comments on “One String, One Path
  1. says:

    If ^Z not suffice
    Then maybe 00
    Or 00 00
    But then again
    If one does not see others
    Then size probably doesn’t matter
    But it does?

  2. Mike Greene says:

    I now this is probably off topic from your blog, but it is a strange coincidence. I was just searching blogs and your’s came up on a search that included OS/2. The name kind of clicked because on another desktop I had an OS/2 device driver source file from 1992 open that had the name Jeff Muir. No big deal, just funny.

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