Second Citrix Building in Coral Springs

I’ve reported about 210 University, Coral Springs and even included pictures in a previous post. However, I have never showed you the view from space using Google Earth.

210 University, Coral Springs

Click this image to fully expand the view. Note that Citrix left this building in 1997. I uploaded pictures of 210 University to Google and you can actually view them if you happen to visit this spot on Google Earth.

I was going to make it easy for you to visit this location but I know that WordPress isn’t going to like me trying to embed a file it does not understand.

Instead, I will make it easier for you to see a ground level set of pictures.

These pictures were taken by me in late 1996 not long before I left.  The set also includes some pictures from the new building as well in Cypress Creek (Ft Lauderdale).

Tony (a co-worker from the old days) had asked for me to provide pictures and this seemed like a good time to revive that interest and share the new space angle.


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