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This should be fairly short.  Citrix has decided to move its blog site to  As a result, they have also changed how the site works.  The only posts available to the front page are group posts.  Personal posts, such as mine, will no longer be visible this way.  In order to get posts from an official Citrix blog site, you need to know its full path.

So, even though it does not make sense to provide this information to people that can already read this, I thought I should mention this new dilemma and what the real link is in the new blog order.

I’ll see what I can do to join a group.  That is the only path to being visible on the main blog site again.

Meanwhile, the web site is not being changed (at the moment) so anyone reading here will not be affected.


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One comment on “New Official Citrix Blog Site
  1. Dmitry Vostokov says:

    Look at front page. It is completly hacked and filled with spam 🙂 I warned you last year that SamJ completely abandoned this drivel project.
    At some point we all have to “pay” for free service set to drive SamJ political goals…

    Happy New Year anyway 🙂

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