Aussie Application Delivery Conference

It is a little known fact that there will be an Australian version of the Application Delivery Conference.  Citrix employees in Australia/New Zealand have been asked to spread the word.

The official dates are May 27 for Sydney and June 3 for Melbourne.

The App Delivery Conference is a full day event being held in two locations – Sydney and Melbourne, bringing together the industry’s thought leaders, top executives, and technical specialists. Our audience will learn about the latest developments in industries most HOTTEST TOPIC – Virtualisation, as well as attend sessions on the entire Citrix product family, informative Sponsor sessions, Partner Exhibition showcase as well some mind-blowing demonstrations, and a peek into future technology from our R&D team.

The Advanced Products group in Sydney always participates in the big shows and usually has a few demos up their sleeves that have not been seen before.  Besides that, historically they have been very involved in the stage presentations.  Certain members, like Adam Jaques, have been famous from their theatrical talents.  Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to share a video from a previous iForum event in Sydney.

If you are interested in going, you can register at Most of your questions should be answered by the FAQ.  The most interesting question and answer is:

What is my investment to attend The Application Delivery Conference?

The Application Delivery Conference is FREE to attend, however should you wish to attend our ‘Optional’ Super Sessions a fee will apply (Register your interest in these sessions when you Register to attend).

Usually these kind of things are not free.  At least I don’t remember them being free.  The value of these kind of events is always higher than anticipated since it creates an environment that is a catalyst for better relationships between customers, partners, and of course Citrix.

If you have anything to do with Citrix in the ANZ region, I would advise you to attend.  It is easy to lose touch with what is currently happening and obviously virtualization is a new Citrix story since last year.

Since most of AdProd goes to these events, there is a good chance I will be there.  It is always refreshing to have conversations with people who are either using or supporting Citrix solutions.  Years ago I submitted several customer ideas to the internal database based on past conversations.  Some of these ideas shifted where Citrix decided to head.    It is always more valuable to have an idea match a real business need.

Lisa Wren at Citrix in Sydney always does a good job at putting these shows together.  She sent us a flyer in PDF format about the Application Delivery Conference that is being used as an invitation.


There you go.  You have officially been invited.  Do not forget to pack warmer clothes since it will be winter then.  Tell them that Jeff Muir sent you.


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  1. jeffreymuir says:

    The title of the main Citrix event has changed to “Citrix Synergy” since this post. However, the Australian event will keep its existing name.

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