Good to Great Finale

Over the last several weeks, I’ve posted articles about “Good to Great”. Now is the time to collect them together and finish this off.

Here is the list of posts:

Alternatively, just select the Good to Great category. Writing about the book has really helped to clarify certain parts I didn’t understand the first time around.

Putting it all together, much of this advice from “Good to Great” should seem like common sense. However, business sometimes loses track of this when in the thick of stressful competition. It is easy to get distracted and lose focus.

Most good companies will want to be great, but yet be unwilling to address what needs to change. Other good companies will only strive to be great once they are threatened. Perhaps they think they will be safe once they are great. And still other companies are perfectly happy to be good thinking it is just to hard to be great.

You are meant to be great. Companies just need to realize that they are not living a full life and that it would be actually easier to be great than to struggle being good.

I would have been much more critical of “Good to Great” had I not seen this happen in my own career. In many ways, “Good to Great” helped to explain why things weren’t great.

Thanks to Jim Collins and his research team for writing such wonderful material!

Also, watch the video in “Good to Great Video Explanation to understand quickly what “Good to Great” is all about. After that I would suggest reading the book.

And then ask, how can I make my company great?

Good luck.


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