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Hopefully this will be fairly short.

Internally Citrix has a product ideas database for employees to submit new ideas. It has been going a number of years and I have submitted a number of ideas (along with lots of other Citrix employees).

I just had an idea related to this. Why not open this up a bit? If you would like to submit a product idea to Citrix based on your own experiences, I am willing to submit those ideas into the database. It would give the ideas an extra push since you are actually customers that would be willing to buy such a product.

At this point I am willing to leave the ideas open but I might not submit ideas that do not have enough information.

So, here’s your chance to get into an internal database of ideas. I promise to give you full credit.

I hope that some of you take this as an option worth taking.

If you are uncomfortable with posting the details in a comment, be sure to include your email address in a comment so I can contact you directly.



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8 comments on “Citrix Ideas
  1. Alexander says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have some ideas related to the Installation manager. Could you please email me, so that I can make the email not a post?

  2. Ive got some idea’s that might take Citrix someplace.. email me..

  3. Simon Bramfitt says:


    How is this for starters?

    Let’s say we have a partial outage in a farm and I loose 50% of my capacity, how can I ensure that workstations in mission critical locations are prioritised ahead of workstations in ancilliary locations.

    Just as in many orgs a %age of power outlets a tied direct to the UPS so critical devices continue to work when main power is out, I want to be able to identify these critical devices (by name), so they will get a connection at times when we loose capacity in the farm.

    OK I can do this by UserID and IP today, but UserID does not account for a roaming user who may need to access a single app from both mission critical and ancilliary locations, and IP Addr based prioritisation is too broad a brush for this scenario.

    We can apply policies by device name, and there is a load evaluator rule for IP addr, so why not a load evaluator rule that works with computer names.

    So when the lights go out on a couple of racks I enable the ‘Mission Critical Load Evaluator’ and only those devices with a name starting with MC1 get a connection.

    Don’t think it should take you more than a week to put that together….

    Simon Bramfitt
    Service Architect
    Kaiser Permanente

  4. Simon Bramfitt says:


    How about policy settings for the ICA listener.

    let’s say I’ve got 10 workstations (electronic whiteboards) that are exempt our max idle session disconnect time rules. No-one ever touches them so the disconnect timer starts counting down the moment they are started.

    The only way I can keep them running is to give them their own published app on a dedicated pair of servers (1 srvr would be a single point of failure) setup not to have an idle session timeout value, which is a little expensive for an app that uses no CPU to speak of.

    So why not give me a policy so I can assign listener settings per app/user/client name.

    Simon Bramfitt
    Service Architect
    Kaiser Permanente

  5. jeffreymuir says:

    Thanks to Simon and Alexander for submitting Product Ideas to me.

    I have sent these ideas to the internal Product Ideas database. So, officially these ideas are part the the process of evaluating new ideas within our company.

    I would encourage other people in the Citrix community to give this a chance. It really doesn’t hurt to try and there is even a chance that your idea will make it into a future Citrix product (it can happen :)).

    I think the real value of your submissions is that they are from customers that certainly want these features. Employee submissions are often considered not strong enough for customer use (no market data).

    That is where you guys have an advantage.

    Thanks again.

  6. […] As you may already know, Citrix has an internal program for gathering product ideas from employees.  In a previous post, I asked for customers to submit ideas so that I could forward these ideas into the product ideas database.  The good news is that two of you (Alexander and Simon Bramfitt) submitted ideas that are now officially being reviewed. […]

  7. jeffreymuir says:

    Simon, your ideas are officially in the product database and have been assigned the numbers 2079 and 2080.

    Alexander, your ideas are now included in the database with the number of 2081.

    Thanks again for your submissions. I’ll keep you updated of the status as it rolls through the system.

  8. Hi again Jeff.

    I have some feature request on Citrix EdgeSight. Where do you want me to post them?

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