Early Marketing Slogans

I imagine that very few few people would remember what some of the early marketing slogans were.

I only remember them because they were so bad.

Between 1993 and 1995 we had someone running marketing before Mark came.  He was well known for his ability to balance a cup of coffee on a briefcase (as he was carrying it like you would normally) while still managing to have a smoke.  It was an impressive sight with next thought being “why would you bother?”.

Its been so long I don’t remember his name.  He worked for months to come up with a new tagline associated with WinView.

He presented everyone with his new idea:

“Fast Remote Windows”

The common reaction was “I could have come up with that in five minutes”.  It was not very effective for the potential customers and really didn’t explain what we did.

Eventually, we were presented with a “better” slogan.

“Remote Windows That Fly”

It really wasn’t much different than the last one.  I’ve included a picture of the wing of a balsa plane I must have picked up from that era.

 It really wasn’t until Mark Templeton came that our marketing messages started to hit the market well.  It was a long road getting there, but the market finally caught on to what we could do.

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2 comments on “Early Marketing Slogans
  1. Mark Levitt says:

    Ha! “Fast Remote Windows”, and the later joke “Car for Driving Around!”

  2. Jason Knight says:

    From 2000 to 2004 it seemed like we changed our slogan every few months. Remember these?
    – “Now Everything Computes” (I liked this one; it was clever)
    – “Digital Independence”
    – “Making the Virtual Workplace Real”
    – “Enabling the On-Demand Enterprise”

    I remember smashing these together to create:
    “Citrix: Enabling and Making Now Every Digital Virtual On-Demand Independent Enterprise Workplace Thing to Really Compute!”
    It goes well with our product name: “MetaWinFrameWorkPrise.”

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