WinView 2.3 Review (LAN Times 1995)

As you might have guessed by now, I kept a lot of the material for Citrix between 1993 and 1997.  I often wondered what I would do with it all and now there is finally a purpose.

I was just thinking yesterday that this kind of stuff might actually be a bit boring.  Well, it probably is for most people.

I guess I’m posting this stuff so that people that are interested will have a chance to see something that is now very hard to find.

The history of Citrix is obviously tied to its original products.  Our success really came from a number of factors which evolution played a major part.

What we learned in WinView led directly to WinFrame and likewise to MetaFrame.

So, in a way, this type of articles reveal what led to our acceptance in the market.  In this case the focus seems to be on NetWare integration and TCP/IP support.

Here’s the review published on Picasa Web albums:

WinView 2.3 (LAN Times) 1995


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