1992 Microsoft Alliance Agreement

The agreement with Microsoft affirmed Citrix’s and Microsoft’s commitment to building a multiuser NT system in 1992.  Looking back, this was a very pivotal decision for both companies to work together on the NT code base.

At the time, Citrix was firmly commited to doing Multiuser OS/2 so this was a very large strategic change.  This would have been due in part to the rift between Microsoft and IBM on OS/2 and also the realization that NT would eventually own the future of high end computing.

Quotes from press release:

“We have worked closely with Citrix to assure that its expertise in multiuser operating environments meshes with our existing and future systems software products,” said Paul Maritz, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Systems Division.  “We expect Citrix to play a key role in providing multiuser and network extension capabilities complementary to new releases of Microsoft Server products.”

“Working with Microsoft, Citrix will be an important player in the future of personal computer and workstation operating systems,” said Edward E. Iacobucci, Citrix chairman.  “This agreement with the world’s leader in microcomputer software clearly demonstrates the quality and effectivelness of the Citrix team and technology.”

I’m including the original scanned in document on Picasa Web Albums:

Microsoft Alliance Agreement 1992



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