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It is common knowledge among programmers that the movie OfficeSpace is just a bit too close to the truth. The cubicles are small, the programmers are fidgety, and the management is… well, just management.

During my time at IBM it sometimes felt like I was in a Dilbert cartoon. The funny thing is that most other people that I have worked with can relate to this idea.

A few posts ago I begged for someone to get me some pictures of 210 University (the second Citrix location during 1990 to 1997). You can imagine how surprised I was to find these very pictures in some old photo albums I have here in Australia. Don’t ask why I kept them and especially don’t ask why I took them in the first place. I do know, but am not willing to confess.

Thanks to Picasa, I’m sharing them here. Click on the below picture to see the collection.

The first picture is of my cubicle (with a view) at 210 University. Obviously it was a night shot so you can’t see the view. Being on the 7th floor, it was pretty good. This picture was taken in December 1996 right before the move to Ft Lauderdale. You can actually see the moving stickers on the furniture.

In the collection, there are also pictures of the new office. Not that exciting I admit.

The pictures I like the most are the ones of the actual 210 University building. These pictures start from the back parking lot and work up to the main entrance. Seems like old times.

I really didn’t enjoy this move to tell you the truth. It signalled growth but it also meant the end of the fairly tight Citrix family. I had rallied to have us move up to Boca Raton instead of Ft Lauderdale to take over parts of the IBM campus (which IBM abandoned around 1995). Looking back it would have been easier for Citrix to grow in the Boca area than where it is now. It could have had its own campus in similar beginnings to Redmond. I digress..

The good news was that each employee got their own office when they moved. It was quite a luxury. It was also the first time that we took over an entire building (I can’t remember its address).

I only stayed at the new offices for around two months. I boarded a plane on February 19, 1997 for Australia and never returned. I left everything in the office behind. I heard later that the vultures decended once I announced I wasn’t coming back. No, it was my plan to come back but it just didn’t happen. Even I was surprised to decide not coming back. Things in Australia were just too good. 🙂

Since being here, I have heard many times stories of men and women from overseas moving to Australia to marry their Australian partners. Makes you wonder what is going on. Sometimes you hear the opposite story where an Australian man or woman will move to places like America or the UK, but I swear it seems to be about ten times more likely that the future partners come to Australia. I digress again…

I hope you enjoy what I would consider fairly rare Citrix pictures. If you happen to be an old time Citrix employee and have old pictures, please forward them to me. I promise to return them when I’m done. 🙂




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2 comments on “Office Space
  1. Jason Knight says:

    The building whose address you can’t remember — could that be 6400 NW 6th Way?

    Looking out the window of the “new” 1996 office, I see construction equipment. Do you remember which direction your office faced? What was being constructed?

  2. jeffreymuir says:

    I think it 6400 NW 6th Way and my office was facing West. I’m not sure about that on either count but I’m mostly sure of the address.

    I don’t remember what was being built. Its been just too long.

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