Brad Pedersen (Citrix Chief Architect) Interview with Brian Madden

Brad Pedersen at Citrix Office

There is someone else within Citrix that probably loves Citrix history as much as I do. His name is Brad Pedersen and he has the rare right to say that he has been there since the beginning of Citrix in 1989. I have written about him before in previous history posts. He has had a major role in the definition of Citrix technology, but also has provided the basis for Microsoft to enter the Terminal Services market. He still works at Citrix today and is the Chief Architect and Fellow. During his 17 years, he has seen much change and can directly relate them to what is going on today.

Brian Madden took the time to interview Brad and has posted the podcast on his web site. As usual, I found Brad’s view on Citrix history to be very interesting. The interview was about an hour long.

I suspect some of you have already heard of this but I wanted to make sure that those that hadn’t would have a chance to hear about the history of certain choices from the source.

To read the article and listen to the interview, please go here.

Brian Madden has also posted a transcript of the interview. This makes it easier to scan and search.


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