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Citrix Desktop Server (Trinity) Interview with Brian, Brian, and Sumit

Brian Madden interview of Brian Nason and Sumit Dhawan about Trinity Brian Madden was on an interviewing roll when he came to Citrix headquarters late last year. I’ve already covered two of these interviews in previous blogs (Mark Templeton and

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The Interview with Mark Templeton

Brian Madden has been busy lately during interviews with key Citrix employees. His latest interview is with CEO Mark Templeton. The podcast interview is located here at Brian Madden’s web site. Most of you have already heard of this interview

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Brad Pedersen (Citrix Chief Architect) Interview with Brian Madden

There is someone else within Citrix that probably loves Citrix history as much as I do. His name is Brad Pedersen and he has the rare right to say that he has been there since the beginning of Citrix in

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