The Interview with Mark Templeton

Mark in his office

Brian Madden has been busy lately during interviews with key Citrix employees. His latest interview is with CEO Mark Templeton. The podcast interview is located here at Brian Madden’s web site.

Most of you have already heard of this interview and also spent the time to listen to it. I would recommend spending some time listening to it if you would like some insight into what Citrix is currently thinking about.

Personally I found the section about Microsoft to be the most interesting.

The interview is very informal and sounds more like two friends talking about things in general. Its been good that Citrix has fully embraced communicating with the outside world. Brian did a good job in helping to open things up.


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  1. […] Brian Madden was on an interviewing roll when he came to Citrix headquarters late last year. I’ve already covered two of these interviews in previous blogs (Mark Templeton and Brad Pedersen) and now it’s time to cover the interview with Brian Nason and Sumit Dhawan. […]

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