Glug…Glug…Glug… Part 4

This section covers 1993. Ed Janeczek had to rewrite this part since it was lost in the email system for the original writing. I had forgotten that the other venture was named Fairway. We lost a few people to them.


Several rowers (one who laughed a lot, and the one who
got sick in PART II) turned over a New Leaf and headed
down the Fairway with the ex-subcaptain of all rowers who
left in PART II.

The good ship MULTIUSER was tied up to a nondescript dock in
Kansas City and left to slowly moulder and fade away, altho
parts of it were used for furniture, tires, car mufflers
and the like. One of the ticket-sellers who specialized in
selling tickets for MULTIUSER left, as did one of the
original captains (who was Grand Exalted Poo-Bah of Application
Notes at the time he left). He left to captain another ship
(the HMS Bounty?).

The tester with a white streak in his hair and Rain over
his shoulder also left around this time (or a bit earlier).
He went to the Outback (Steakhouse) to find himself, but instead
found a pile of phone cards he proceded to lose amazing amounts
of money he didn’t have anyway trying to sell.

A new subcaptain of all rowers was recruited for his extensive
hot tub experience.

A subcaptain of test rowers was recruited from a maker of huge
battleships and $500.00 screwdrivers. He hired a ragtag crew,
including two identical twins who were totally different from
each other and a rotund, ponytailed pirate who did not fear Doom.

Another of the rowers (a semi-literate one who could spell, and
who is also your Humble Narrator) agreed to take on the somewhat
onerous job of writing the various waybills and boat manuals. He
cast about for assistance, and lucked out, finding several fair
maidens to save the day (and his ass).

At the same time, things were looking up. Tickets for the good
ship WinView were beginning to sell well, and hangers-on and
other fans began to come to the Citr!x shipyards to learn more
about the WinView. They were trained well, and occasionally
brought through the hallowed halls of development so that they
would know the meaning of fear.

Microsoft began supplying the parts of a wondrous new boat, the
Emp Tee. Several people were brought down from the Boston
Shipyards (owned by Huns) to help, and construction on a
new boat based on the Emp Tee began.

(to be continued)



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