Glug…Glug…Glug… Part 5

The year was 1995 and Citrix was going public. EdJ has captured the emotion of time quite well. This part of our history was switching from focusing on WinView to focusing on WinFrame. It was easy to see that we chose well.

(PART V: 7.DEC.1995)

The first port of call for the Emp Tee was South Beach,
altho some Techs from Tronix (up in the Windy wilds of the
NorthWest) became very interested. In fact, interest reached
its Zenith (which, incidentally, is where another rower
came from) about that time. When it reached the Zenith,
they decided to Cruise around the Pad quite happily. The South
Beach (and its successor, the good ship WinFrame) were very well
received. Many other deals and Intrigues (get the Symbol-ism?)

Things looked so well, in fact, that the members of the plank
(and the uber-captains at Citr!x) decided to post their
Stocks on the Wall and Street. This made many of the rowers
very happy, as this meant that their Stocks could be posted on
the Wall and in the Street some day.

PART V: (IPO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

At last the Stocks were posted on the Wall and Street! Wild
celebrations ensued, followed by some fast talking to les
flics (as the French call them) on the part of one hapless

I would write more, BUT NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE CITRIX
*************** I ************** P ********** O *******************

It’s been fifty miles of rocky road, following a deer in the headlights
at fifty thousand feet, but WE’VE FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!!

Kudos to all,

Mr. Ed
Noto Bene

(one more part left)



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