Citrix 5 Year Anniversary Photo (1994)

This was us on top of 210 University, Coral Springs in 1994. Someone had the idea that we could shot a good group photo on the roof for our Citrix Connection magazine (most likely Vicky Harris) and it did turn out pretty good. At the time it seemed like a lot of people on the roof and I also remember that it took awhile to get a decent picture that had most of the people looking towards the camera.

I could try to identify everyone in this picture but I’m not going to. If you see yourself you know who you are 🙂

Click on the photo to get a larger version from Picasaweb. You can even zoom and pan if you feel like it.

I will tell you that Roger Roberts and Ed Iacobucci are front row center. Other important people are scattered near by.

Just one last note. Very few of the people in this picture are still at Citrix. I couldn’t tell you exactly but I would guess less than 8.



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