Citrix YouDeliver

Citrix YouDeliver

Citrix has started a contest to encourage employees, partners, and resellers to create new ways of spreading the word about Citrix to the world. Citrix YouDeliver is like a kind of YouTube but intended for Citrix messaging. The first 500 entries that meet the minimum requirements will be winners of a custom Citrix branded Apple iPod.

There are already a few entries there even though the contest only started on March 1st. I know two of the people that put an entry together called “Simplify your Access“. I didn’t understand the context until an email today explained that it was inspired by a VW ad campaign in America. It’s amazing what people can do when properly inspired. Speaking of which, most of the current entries exceed the value of an iPod in production costs. Obviously this is intended for the serious players.

Already the videos have been played hundreds of times and it is difficult to tell if this is largely coming from the employee base or the “free” world.

Please note that this contest is not open to the general public and there are many guidelines about what kind of media to create. It is not as easy as going to the website and uploading last year’s Citrix iForum highlight. Also, you will need to register on the website to be able to upload your entry.

I interpret the intent as creating some grassroots interest in building the Citrix messaging format for future mass consumption. At the very least, you could win a new iPhone if your production is in the top 25.

The deadline is set for the end of May to submit your entry.

Here is the text from the home page:

Citrix YouDeliver is an innovative and fun way to learn the language of Citrix. It’s a new social networking site for Citrix Solution Advisors and Citrix employees. The purpose of the site is to help you learn the latest Citrix application delivery messaging and put the language into practice by creating your own video or audio podcast and publishing it on YouDeliver. Get Started Now!

Good luck!



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