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Citrix Site in Silicon Valley

This is probably old news to most of you but it has been officially announced this month that Citrix is opening a new office in Santa Clara, California. The press release is included here: Citrix to Open New Silicon Valley

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Citrix YouDeliver

Citrix has started a contest to encourage employees, partners, and resellers to create new ways of spreading the word about Citrix to the world. Citrix YouDeliver is like a kind of YouTube but intended for Citrix messaging. The first 500

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Introducing PortICA (ICA server on XP)

Recently at iForum, the Trinity project was announced. The concept was presented in the context of Dynamic Desktop Initiative. There seems to be a number of alternative names (VDI, DVI) but the basic concept is the same. Administrators want the

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Project Pictor

As you may have heard, we have a project code-named Pictor. This project is derived from work done with Boeing to improve the responsiveness of OpenGL three dimensional drawing programs (CATIA). The Boeing/Citrix project (codenamed K2) was a large success

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