Remodeling a WinForms App

Everything needs to be updated eventually.  What I hope to share is how to update a WinForms application to support mobile devices. This post will cover the basics of the things to be concerned about. Size and position of forms

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Converting Windows Apps into Mobile Apps

The story of Microsoft Windows began in 1985.  A young Microsoft realized it needed a GUI instead of just DOS.  The Microsoft history tends to ignore the influence of the market.  At the time, Apple had released Macintosh and were

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The Rapid Evolution of Applications

Time waits for no application.  Applications adapt or become extinct.  Some hang on that much closer to death than life.  Somewhere in the wild, old mainframe programs crank over as they have for forty or more years.  This is not

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Ed Iacobucci

On June 21st, Ed Iacobucci passed away after a year and a half fight against cancer.  It was not widely know that he was so sick.  Disbelief was the first reaction.  Not much later, it turned into shock. Ed was

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Mobile SDK for Windows Apps FAQ

What is a “Mobile SDK for Windows Apps”?  Sounds like maybe something Microsoft would put together related to Windows 8.  Or perhaps it is a bold attempt to make Windows Apps more relevant?  But what would that mean? Good question.

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First Citrix Staff meeting

First Citrix staff meeting held at Ed Iacobucci’s house during either August or September 1990. From the left, Mike Stone, VP Marketing, Lynn Bishop, VP Sales, Ed Iacobucci CTO, Glenn Hamblin, VP Engineering, Roger Roberts, CEO. The picture was taken

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Citrix Server Codenames

Every software company uses code names for their products before they are released.  It is a very long tradition in the technology field.  For many years, I have been meaning to compile a list of the Citrix server code names

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Latest Citrix Mobility Pack News

There is some news to share about the Citrix Mobility Pack. Citrix has released a new revision of XenDesktop called XenDesktop 5.6 FR1.  With this version of XenDesktop, it now supports the Citrix Mobility Pack and the Citrix Mobile Application

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More Free Samples

When we shipped the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Application SDK (XAMA SDK for short) last December, it included documentation and samples.  Unfortunately the documentation and samples were not tied together on the web pages and it was not obvious that the

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XAMA SDK Error Codes

During the initial development of XenApp Mobile Pack, certain choices were made for the status/error codes.  This all made sense during that time but certain topics have come up since then which requires attention.  Nothing serious, but rather more of

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